The Ddora Foundation



The foundation makes multiple grants in the range of $5000  -  $20,000 each year. Applications should include:

A. Detailed program information

1. A one-page executive summary.
2. Detailed description of specific project for which grant will be used.
3. A statement of project’s anticipated outcome.
4. A statement explaining the need for project
5. Budget proposal including details on how the grant will be disbursed and over what period of time.
5. Other funding sources for the proposed project.
6. Applicant’s methods for semi-annual (twice yearly) reporting on the progress and use of the grant.

B. Complete description of applicant organization

1. Name of the organization, brief history, and contact person’s name and address.
2. A narrative setting forth the applicant organization’s purposes (including the Mission Statement), activities employed to further such purposes, and benefits derived thereof.
3. Copy of applicant’s federal (IRS) nonprofit tax determination letter and URL link to three previous annual 990 forms.
4. Annual operating budget.
5. List of directors and trustees.
6. List of other sources for funding organization’s purposes or activities
7. Other organizations or individuals with which applicant organization is affiliated, and reason for applying for a grant from the Ddora Foundation


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