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Jolie Stahl, Director
Brooklyn, NY

Robert Dannin, Secretary & Treasurer
Brooklyn, NY

Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez, Vice President
Boston, MA

David Seaman (2007-16)
Mt. Kisco, NY


David Seaman RIP
September 12, 2016

We received news this morning that our fellow director David Seaman passed away last month following a long illness. David is survived by his wife, nine children and their families. He was a deacon and very active in his local church. We offer our condolences to them in behalf of the foundation and ourselves. At our next annual meeting we will discuss appropriate ways to commemorate his key role in the Ddora Foundation.

David helped us start the foundation in late 2007 by obtaining the certificates of incorporation and filing a request for nonprofit status. With his professional advice the process went smoothly, enabling the foundation to make its first award in autumn 2008. David had previous experience with counseling a family foundation in Boston and explained the personal satisfaction he felt in presiding over the transition from one generation to the next in their philanthropic endeavors. He graciously accepted our invitation to join the Ddora Foundation board. In the same spirit he quickly grasped the fundamental nature of our goals and was always available to review proposals and evaluate new initiatives with a sharp eye for details. His redaction of the annual meeting minutes was meticulous to a fault. It was therefore unusual when he did not respond to a question regarding one of our current grantees two weeks after our first message. We called his office and got the sad news this morning.

We will miss David's enthusiasm and steady guidance for the Ddora Foundation and its mission. Most of all we miss him yet feel enriched beyond estimation by his friendship.

Jolie Stahl and Robert Dannin

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